Mr.CM! Where are the jobs?

Questions are being raised over the Chief Minister Kiran Kumar
Reddy’s braggadocio that Government would provide 3.5 lakh jobs to the youth
this year under the Rajiv Yuva Kiranalu scheme.

Kiran’s assurances on providing employment to the youth during his
Indiramma Bata programme was certainly vague and abstract as he had failed to
provide any break-up of the employment details.

While making the promises, he said the Government has been
targeting to provide 30 lakh jobs with the help of Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) and
other industrial organizations with fifteen lakh jobs being targeted in the
next five years.

The promise is good to listen over TV channels and sweet to read
in newspapers but the very basic question as to how the jobs are going to be
created still remains unanswered.

If he is sincere about providing employment in such a large
number, he must spell out the region and sector-wise vacancies existing,
whether they are professional or non-professional and technical or

The chief minister’s claim that 60 000 jobs have already been
created this year also needs to be scrutinized thoroughly in the backdrop of
Government’s failure in keeping its earlier promises.

The CM should also explain about how Rs.777 Cr has been spent on
training the beneficiaries under Rajiv Yuva Kiranalu scheme. His claim over the
expenditure of training costs gives room to suspect that Rajiv Yuva Kiranalu
has become a big platform for scam.

(Updated on Oct 12,2012)

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