Land Mafia Engulfing 481 Acres

  • CRDA assisting land robbery
  • Huge difference in acquisition and allocations
  • Land acquisition in Amaravathi engulfed by corruption
Babu has realised his victory again is impossible. That is why he is robbing the state as much as he can, caring the least about what others would think or criticise. Recently he spent Rs.80 crore on 5 camp offices and Rs.90 lakh has been allocated for another camp office in Jubilee Hills. The money being pocketed from scams has no account.

Huge irregularities in allocations
Another land scam has seen light in the capital area. 481 acres in the region have gone unaccounted for. The area in the region is 53,747 acres. This has been divided into 9 cities including electronic city and IT city. CRDA officials planned to make the lands disappear mysteriously.

Lack of clarity in real allocations
Land allocations in capital area lack clarity even today. While the area of the capital region is said to be 53,747 acres, the Government has shown in its recent announcement that 53,779 acres have been distributed. Residential area is being said to be 15,671 acres. New allocations have shown that 17306 acres have been given to residential areas, against project regulations and 1643 acres more than allocated limit. Cutting this excess from any section will affect the whole project.
While commercial needs should be allocated 6143 acres, only 5370 acres have been allocated, reducing 773 acres. While open space and recreation should be allocated 16,710 acres, only 15,810 acres have been allotted, cutting 900 acres. Same theory has been followed in arrangement of industries creating employment as well. Industries are supposed to be allocated 2716 acres but only 2290 acres have been given. 426 acres have been reduced. Commercial lands are to be given 6143 acres according to regulations but only 5,370 acres have been allocated, cutting 573 acres.
7744 acres are supposed to be given for infrastructure reserve but now 6576 acres are being allocated, withdrawing 1166 acres. Special zone was given 2037 acres but it has been raised to 5,550 acres. The lands reduced from various sections is 3,838 acres. Even if it is considered that the land has been added to special zone, there are still 323 acres left. There is no clarity about what should be done of this land. CRDA has no right to withdraw the lands to be allocated lawfully.
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