If these calculations are teaching facts

Warangal: Lok Sabha constituency by-election campaign, saying the figures
vaiessarsipi president YS Jagan akattukontunnayi people. Avoid
unnecessary things to him straight away voters on calculations

quintal to cotton farmers hayanlo satisfied. 6,700 fetched. Now kesiyar
of Rs. Only commanding 3,500. Potunnatle is embattled farmers.

that the guaranteed loan waiver kesiyar 3,4 cestamantunnaru
installments. Vidhistunnayani 14 to 18 per cent of the banks under
criminal interest rate set outside of the direct problems of the people.
One is the lack of any way to assure that 150 farmers in Warangal
district, took photographs and in-depth debate among dictate.

said the government was on the outside, including the costs of
essential commodities account. A year ago to Rs. Dal's .. now Rs 90 per
kg. Commanding 230. Kiloki urad and Rs 80 a year ago. Pronounced until
now commanding 200.

per kg. 40 commanding. But a year ago to Rs. Was 14. Prices of
essential commodities, which cut its teeth in this way, how people said
that he was burning.

build 48 million homes over a period of five years ... 18-month period,
according to 394. The house, built KCR emanukovali this palanna ..!

administration was satisfied with the distribution of 20 lakh 60
thousand acres. But, over a period of 18 months, giving kesiyar just 16
hundred acres dulupukontunnaru hands.

late for poor children's education fees reimbursed hayanlo Apartment
pathakanna introduce millions of satisfied students liked the high
reading. But, kesiyar the government is doing to weaken it. Amaluki
2,400 crore last year, the scheme needs to 2014..15. But, vidilinci Rs
900 crore. 1530 crore was outstanding.

health scheme for the poor health of the dollar will introduce millions
of poor people have been given the distinction of being satisfied with
the quality of the medicine. Of 108 ambulance vehicles that can be
posted to the homes of the poor. .. 7,8 years ago and bought an
ambulance, but not to repair, leaving the still.

telling the calculations of this sort of government, a direct contrast
to the government to educate people said late YSR. RAJANNA to educate
voters by making a call to teccukondamani's golden era.

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