He is always like that..

The discussions on Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu behavior sprang up again in the public recollecting his change of words on various issues. Recently giving approval to mine Bauxite in Visakha agency area has become a hot topic.

We will look into his Top Ten lies:

1.       When he was in opposition he declared that Bauxite mining will be disrupted and made the TDP leaders protest against it but now he issued a GO permitting to mine Bauxite.

2.       He promised that loans of women and farmers will be waived off, not even 10% people received loan waiver but his false talk continues.

3.       He said that crop land is not required to achieve development and publicized that development will be done without acquisition of green lands. But the moment he came to power he started grabbing high quality fertile lands that gave three harvests a year and chasing away the farmers.

4.       Chandrababu said that 2500 acres of land is enough for Bandar Port and also expressed his solidarity to the protest of the victims but now all of a sudden he changed his stance issuing a notification to grab 30000 acres.

5.       He made promises that he will achieve Special Status if he comes to power that too not just for 5 or 10 years but 15 years. But after coming to power all those promises vanished and started saying that Special Status is not a ‘sanjeevani’ of Andhra.

6.       Chandrababu said so many things like support to the farmers on seed supply, uninterrupted in-put subsidy and assurance on crop investments are definitely required but after coming to power total negligence on farmers and their burning issues

7.       He did publicity that Government jobs will be abundant if he comes to power, promised that every house gets at least one government job but now making satires out of his own promise.

8.       He made promises that prices of the basic commodities will be stabilized and regulated but at last he got indulged in settling Singapore accounts leaving the prices of commodities astray

9.       He campaigned in every town that all the natural resources including sand will be protected, did several protests that time but after power coming to their hands the TDP leaders quite adamantly selling the sands manhandling the Revenue Officers intervening in their big sand scam.

10.   The TDP Womens division leaders did several protests and public meetings opposing ‘Belt Shops’ but now that same TDP is operating belt shops in every street supplying liquor to every house.

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