Guv interference sought to keep AP united

Following is the full text of the letter submitted to Governor ESL Narashimhan by YSRCP MLAs seeking his interference to keep the state united.

Dt:21stSeptember 2013

Sri E S L Narasimhan garu,

His Excellency, the Governor of

Andhra Pradesh,                                                             




Respected Sir,


Government in the State and Centre seem completely unconcerned about the
ongoing agitation for over 50 days by almost all sections of population in
Andhra and Rayalaseema regions against the arbitrary and unilateral decision of
the Congress Working Committee and of UPA allies to divide the state of Andhra
Pradesh. The people of Andhra and Rayalaseema regions want the state to be kept
united and as far as they are concerned United Andhra Pradesh is non-negotiable.
As you are very much aware only five political parties’
viz., TDP, TRS, Congress, CPI and BJP have agreed for the bifurcation.
Whereas YSR Congress Party, CPM and MIM have opposed
the unilateral decision to divide the state as it positively harms the
interests of Andhra Rayalaseema regions.

As far as
our party is concerned all our elected representatives have resigned from Lok
Sabha and State Assembly respectively in protest against the arbitrary decision
by the CWC. In fact, 16 of our party MLAs have resigned even before 30th
July 2013 expecting such a decision going by various statements by the senior
Congress leaders in Delhi. Many of our MLAs including our President and
Honorary President were on indefinite fast demanding that the state be kept
united. Our party leader Smt Sharmila was on a bus Yatra demanding withdrawal
of the proposal to divide the state, which received unprecedented public

It is shocking
to note despite such overwhelming demand from majority of state’s population
and from political parties like our party, MIM and CPM, it looks like the
Cabinet note proposing to create Telangana state is being put in motion. Such unilateral and arbitrary action is bound
escalate the situation in Andhra and Rayalaseema regions, where the life is
already paralyzed for over 50 days. Things will go from bad to worse. It is a
question of life and death for the people of Andhra and Rayalaseema regions.

As it is, during
the last four years, people of the state have been suffering untold problems
like power tariff hike, power shortages, rising fuel and food inflation due to
complete lack of governance. It is inconceivable as to how the ruling Congress
party and the main opposition TDP, acting in unison, have brought the state to
such a pass.

In the light
of the above, we request you to kindly bring to the notice of the Union
Government about the situation on the ground and impress upon them not to
proceed further in the matter of division of the state.


Thanking You                                                                                
Yours faithfully




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