Government Deprived Them Of Their Livelihood

  • Involvement of Janmabhoomi committees
  • TDP’s ignorance to sanction pensions
  • New pensions are out of question
  • Babu’s bluffing begins again for elections
  • People ready to teach Babu a lesson
  • CM Chandrababu is unable to hear the cries of the widows and the aged.
    After getting into power by garnering votes from these people by luring them
    with Rs.1000 pension, he deceived
    them. In cabinet meetings and Janmabhoomi public meetings, lakhs of rupees were
    promised to be given as pension. Months pass by, but the promised pension never
    reaches the deserving. Cancelling old pensions in the name of regulations and
    again adding their names to the pensioners’ list has been happening for 2.5
    years. Going around officials is yielding no results.

    To get rid of the burden
    on treasury, the Government has deprived the aged, the handicapped and the widowed
    women of their livelihood. In cutting down the pension that is supposed to
    offer them security, the Government violated the regulations during the survey
    conducted for selection of qualified candidates for pension scheme.

    It is the responsibility
    of the Government to give security to the aged, the handicapped, the windows
    and handloom and palm liquor workers. TDP president Chandrababu, who boasts of
    giving utmost importance to the welfare of people, raised curtains to the cut
    down as soon as he got into power. To reduce economic burden, he plotted a conspiracy.
    TDP formed Janmabhoomi committees with so-called officials and social activists
    and they were instructed about whom to sanction pension and whom not to.
    Regulations were violated in a way so as to picture qualified people as
    disqualified as per their convenience.

    Intervention of Janmabhoomi

    To sanction new pension
    or to delete existing pension account, janmabhoomi committees’ approval has
    become mandatory against democratic norms. TDP activists being members of these
    committees, are acting as per the pressure applied by the party’s leaders. Even
    the survey taken up by the Government happened according to their will. Basing
    on political favouritism, qualified candidates are being pictured as not being
    qualified, showing properties, lands and houses that they actually do not have.
    When pensioners expected Rs.1500 of pension, they were completed deleted from
    the list of pensioners. Having voted for TDP or not has become the most
    important criterion for qualifying them.

    Pension sanctioned
    timely during YSR’s tenure

    During the rule of
    former CM and legendary leader Dr.YS Rajasekhar Reddy, pensioners used to be
    sanctioned pension as regularly as employees were sanctioned salaries.
    Throughout the nine-year tenure of Chandrababu, new pensioners had to wait till
    some old pensioners dies in order for them to get pension. YSR totally changed
    that scenario. He got pension sanctioned for every deserving candidate and
    stood in support of them. Currently, the Government is doing injustice to
    widows too. Even after months pass by, women who lost their husbands and
    applied for pension are finding it hard to receive it. TDP leaders are just
    exploiting the pensioners for their vote bank.

    People made a mistake by
    not electing YSRCP president YS Jagan who made only possible promises like
    sanction of Rs.700 pension. Chandrababu’s Government is getting ready again to
    deceive people. To win the upcoming municipal elections, TDP Government is
    promising pensions again. Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme being held by
    YSRCP is indicating that the people of the state are no more in a position to
    believe them. People are ready to teach TDP a lesson in these elections.





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