Friend My Friend

Hyderabad: An
example of one of the disastrous situation of Chandrababu Naidu is the
friendship with Congress party. It is well known to everyone about the
conspiracies made by Babu along with Kiran kumar Reddy of Congress
party. Together they tried all sorts of weapons and methods to trouble
the family members of the great leader, Y.S Rajasekhar Reddy. The credit
goes to Chandrababu Naidu in helping the Congress party while declaring

from a small village to Delhi, the only words heard and discussed is
about partition. He demanded partition of State, by telling that the
letter is already been submitted and was also stubborn to
do so. This continued till the State has been parted improperly. Then,
the demand is specified in a press meet that, to build Capital, around 5
lakh crores are necessary. Now, as the people of the whole State are
revolting against Chandrababu, he is in a confusion and thinking ways to
come out of the situation. Then he decided he can show his power and
concern for people by making a show off  that he has made good
arrangements by spending money, however, the situations were not in favor and it involved a stampede where many lost their lives, leaving bad name to Babu.  

in order to divert the situation, he had to follow the Congress party.
So, the path for Rahul Gandhi's trip to Andhra Pradesh is open. So, to
utilize the situation, due preference is given to Rahul's visit to
Andhra Pradesh by Chandrababu and Co.

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