A fitting tribute to Telugu pride

He was the unquestioned king of the celluloid for over three decades and scripted the history of Telugu film wold in letters of gold. NTR- these three letters were enough to electrify countless fans, supporters and workers. He was a senation and revolution in Telugu politics. Yet, this very same NTR was ignored by his own people. Forsaken by near and dear and betrayed by his own son-in-law. It was this stabbing in the back that brought an end to the illustrious life.

Today in a revolutionary decision that left many pleasantly surprised, YSRCP chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has announced that Krishna district, where legendary NTR was born, would be named after NTR. He said at NTR’s village of birth Nimmakuru that he would rename the district soon after he comes to power. This is a decision that every Telugu would feel immensely happy.

The proposal to rename Krishna district after NTR is being welcomed by one and all regardless of party affiliation. Rising above political considerations, Interestingly, YS Jagan made this announcement on a day when, Sri Sri, another legendary Telugu and a great poet, was born. A true tribute to NTR, a legend in his lifetime.

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