Fee reimbursement imbroglio contiunes

There seems to be no end to the fee reimbursement controversy thanks to the changing stand of the Government on the issue. As the government has finally decided to link the full reimbursement facility to certain conditions, majority of the students pursuing the engineering courses will have to satisfy with partial reimbursement of Rs.35,000.

This means the government has indirectly given a go-by to the highly appreciated scheme introduced by the YSR regime.

The Government’s latest announcement that there would be a total fee reimbursement to those students who study Intermediate in the government junior colleges and who get the first ten thousand ranks in Eamcet is also leading to a fresh controversy.

CM Kiran Kumar Reddy, in his media conference on Thursday, said it would be applicable to all those government-sponsored students studying in corporate colleges under the special scheme introduced by it.

It is an open secret that no student would like to join the Government-run junior colleges as the institutions have very poor standards. This means very few students, who are flocking to the government colleges for various reasons, would only be eligible to get full reimbursement, apart from those who get ranks below 10,000.

As the Government has linked the full reimbursement facility to the above said conditions, majority of the students pursuing engineering courses will forgo this facility and have to content themselves with a reimbursement of Rs.35, 000.

As the main dispute is related to the 85 colleges having the fee ranging from Rs.52,000 to Rs.1.o5 lakh per annum, the government has promised to provide full reimbursement to all BC, SC and ST students who join those colleges under the convener quota.

The major disappointment is that the economically backward students would not be able to get the full reimbursement.

The students from these sections have warned the government that their agitation would continue till full reimbursement is made applicable to them also.

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