Extreme Negligence on Farmers...

Chandrababu believes that
agriculture is useless, he is motivating his colleagues and followers to follow
his principle.

There is a case in High Court on
Farmers suicides. The court asked both the telugu speaking states to submit
explanation on this. The Telangana government has submitted its arguments and
explanations to the High Court. The Goverment has explained Government's stance
on farmer's suicides, aid & support given to agriculture and other relevant
information. The Andhra Pradesh Goverment which was supposed to submit updated
information has ignored it.

The Court has pointed out this
and asked the Government. The YSRCP and Farmer associations & unions were
protesting on suicides from long time. The YSRCP Chief Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy
has taken up 'Odarpu Yatra' to console the families of those farmers who have
committed suicides. But, the lawyers of the State have followed the footsteps
of the Chief Minister. They did not submit any explanation and complete
information to the Court. The High Court expressed anger on this negligence of
the State Government.

The Court questioned, 'Is this
the manner to act on Farmer's Suicides?' The Court mentioned that if the behaviour
of the Government during Court proceedings is like this, we can understand the Government's
sincerity on farmers issues. With this, we can understand that, the Government
will not act unless the High Court expresses its anger.

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