Election campaign hots up in Rayalaseema

With the issuance of election notification for MLC elections for teachers’ constituency and graduates’ constituencies in the State, all the political parties intensified their campaign.

MLC elections for teachers’ constituency and graduates’ constituencies in the State will be held on March 9.  Elections will be held for three graduate constituencies and two teachers’ constituencies as the tenure of the incumbents ends on March 29.

Several leaders are in the fray for the YSR Kadapa-Anantapur-Kurnool graduates’ constituency. But the main contest is between YSRCP candidate Vennapusa Venugopal Reddy, TDP candidate GK Reddy, left parties candidate Geyanad. The YSRCP contestant has intensified his campaign and is meeting the all the graduates in the three districts. 

Several leaders from the YSRCP have stood up for Venugopal Reddy and campaigning along with him. Venugopal Reddy's son, ZPTC floor leader Ravindra Reddy and several YSRCP leaders are touring in Anantapur district. Venugopal Reddy has already toured in Kurnool for two days and started campaigning in YSR Kadapa from today.  The YSRCP leaders are focussing more on door-to-door campaign.  For Teachers seat, the YSRCP has fielded Dr KV Subba Reddy. There are high chances of Subba Reddy winning the seat as YSRCP teachers union is relentlessly fighting on the teacher's problems and is enjoying great support from the teachers. 

On the other hand, with the aim of winning the seat, TDP contestant GK Reddy resorted to lure the voters with liquor and money.  Despite the Election Commission's vigil to prevent the use of inducements by candidates in Kurnool, the TDP leaders are missing the power and announcing an array of sops to influence voters. 
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