Debate on land allotment sought

YSR Congress has demanded for an open debate on the irregularities in
the land allotment by TDP Government. ‘The Chandrababu Naidu government
has allotted large extent of land in across the state to a favoured few
at throwaway price and has issued over 700 confidential GOs which is

We demand that the Government
should come for an open debate or convene assembly session to discuss
this issue,’ party MLA G Srikanth Reddy told reporters here on Monday.
While TDP has been boasting of transparency it has issued a whopping
700 confidential GOs which makes the claim t of the Government

‘It has allotted 50 acres of land
in north coastal Andhra which cost Rs 10 crore per acre at a throwaway
price of Rs 50 lakh per acre and in the capital area region it has given
about 490 acres of land to a relative of N Balakrishna at Rs 1 lakh per
acre while the actual price is Rs 50 lakh. In Rayalseema region as well
the government has allotted 22 acres of land at Rs 22 lakh per acre
while the actual cost is Rs 4 crore per acre. The nepotism is out in the
open and we demand an open debate on the issue, he said.
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