"Dalita Tejam" Is Chandrababu's Another Ploy To Fraud Dalits

Dalits are taken for granted in Andhra Pradesh. Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu left the Scheduled Caste community in the lurch by his utter failure in safeguarding their rights enshrined in the Indian Constitution.  
The spate of attacks on dalits and leaving the accused go scot-free without registering cases under the SC and ST Atrocities Prevention act was a stark example of the government's commitment and how the particular community is living in  vulnerable conditions in the state. 
Attack on  dalit women in Visakhapatnam, social boycott of SCs in Kurnool and the assault on the community in Gottipadu were still haunting the state. Government neither taken action nor took measures to curb such incidents.  
The sensational case of boycott of SC by another community over the installation of Ambedkar statue shook the nation. Police assault on dalit youth during the beach festival in Machilipatanam and BJP workers attack on dalits was  a blot on the humanity. 
 Chandrababu government also failed to implement the Justice Punnaiah Commission recommendations for the upliftment of the schedule  caste people. 
The statements made by Chandrababu that nobody wanted to born as dalits and his cabinet colleague's comment on cleanliness maintained by the community exposed the government's sincerity in providing a decent life to the community. 

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