Concealed Blow To People’s trust

  • Hike
    in power charges yesterday
  • Ready
    to introduce the rise in RTC charges today
  • Chandrababu-style
    of covert blow

Hyderabad: Chandrababu’s Government chose
covert way to drill the hole into people’s pockets. Having raised the power
charges secretly, the Government now got ready to trouble the people with hike
in RTC charges. Just by making a few changes to the appearance of deluxe buses,
the Government raised the bus charges up to 10%.

in power charges

Government was pretty well aware of the awaiting negative criticism if the
power charges were raised directly. Hence, it announced that the charges would
be applicable according to a slab based on the previous year’s power usage. So
the families that might have used more electricity at any point of the last
year will be considered as those consuming more power. The low and the middle
class people will ultimately face the burden of the charges.

colours to old buses

deluxe buses in RTC are being coloured and renamed as ‘Ultra deluxe buses’. A
few additional facilities like push back seats will be provided. But the
charges will increase up to 10%. Around 10 lakh passengers will feel this burden.
Those passengers who travel long distance will have to pay an average extra
amount of Rs.30-Rs.50. Thus the RTC charges are going to surprise people soon.

of extortion

is known for price hike. But to avoid negative criticism, he resorted to covert
imposition of charges, thus deceiving the people of the state.

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