Chandrababu Exposed Again On Fulfilling Promises

The election code which came into force after the announcement of election schedule for MLC elections under MLA quota had  exposed Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu again in fulfilling the promises made by him recently.  He made the promise of Rs 10,000 to every farmer and also monetary benefit for every DWACRA woman member to cheat them again. 

After the model code came into force, Chandrababu is projecting an impression that he is committed to distribute the benefits to all eligible but the code restricted his government from reaching the benefits.  So far,  not a single farmer received at least Rs 1000 benefit from the government.  The women groups also made hue and cry for giving them outdated cheques.  

The videos showing women venting their anger against Chandrababu  already went viral on social media.  They openly said they will vote for YSR Congress Party in the next elections.  

Chandrababu had  made unlimited promises like waiver of all loans taken by farmers and DWACRA women, completion of Polavaram project, one  job in  every family and unemployment dole to all jobless youth in the last elections. Practically, not a single promise was enforced. 

Chandrababu's U turn politics on  special status issue already affected the development prospects of Andhra Pradesh. Under pressure from YSR Congress Party,  the TDP Chief took u turn on his support to special package. People also realized Chandrababu is not trustworthy leader to rule the state. 

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