Cancel Fibre Grid contract

Hyderabad, Dec 27: Reiterating that the
TDP Government has been working for the benefits of its own coterie giving
scant respect to public service, YSR Congress has demanded the cancellation of
Fibre Grid contract allotted to a company which has questionable credentials.

'The Rs 333 crore optic fibre contract
was given to Terra Software company which was blacklisted earlier and the
owner, facing a EVMs theft case in Maharashtra, is a TDP functionary’ party
spokesperson Vasireddy Padma told reporters here on Sunday.

The contract was given to Vemuri
Hariprasad, who is close to TDP and was blacklisted earlier and the surprising
fact is that he is a member of the committee that has cleared the contract
which shows the style of functioning of the TDP Government.

Though the scheme of connecting every
house with fibre optic sounds good the behind the scenes deal is murky as the
schemes are designed in such a way that TDP coterie corners all the benefits,
she said.

This has been an old practice of the TDP
as the committee set up in the disinvestment of cooperative sugar mills had
with it TDP leader Nama Nageshwara who owns Madhucon Sugars. When it comes to
closing down of government schools the committee to take a decision will have
Minister Narayana, who runs educational institutions, as a member.  

Ministers like Y Ramakrishnudu and
others who run business establishments with proxy will be members of the
committees that serve their interests, she said and demanded that the Fibre
Grid contract should be cancelled and the contract should be given by calling
tenders and the process should be carried out in a transparent manner.

The government has been continuing with
its extravagant ways by releasing Rs 1.55 cores through GO no 835 to organize a
seminar which showcases the various projects TDP has taken up or intends to
take up. The state has cut down heavily on welfare and has been resorting to
such unproductive expenditure, she said. 


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