Botcha, Chiru hastening Cong downfall

Even as the Congress high command’s efforts to salvage its sinking boat in AP are still in the initial stage and have come to naught so far, pals-turned-foes Chiranjeevi and Botcha Satyanarayana have declared war against each other making irreparable holes to the sinking boat only to quicken its capsize.

Both Botcha and Chiranjeevi are on a sticky wicket and who will lose his wicket first is the only question bothering the already demoralised Congress workers.

Reports indicate that the high command has already categorised Chiranjeevi as a fallen wicket in the unfolding political game while Botsa is also en route to lose his PCC chief wicket. 

Chiranjeevi’s recent outburst against the goings-on in the party is not the result of a sudden discontent but that of an accumulated agony ever since he merged his party with the Congress. A section in the media virulently turned pro-Chiranjeevi and over enthusiastically went out of the board to say that the actor-turned politician has matured politically and inculcated the Congress culture.

This can’t prevent us to conclude that the actor is the most discontented Congress politician who only gave words to his late realisation that the Congress has only used him as a use and throw politician to save its Government from the ever increasing influence of Jagan Mohan Reddy.

On the face of it, Chiru’s outburst only reminds one of his growing antagonism towards Botcha and CM Kirankumar Reddy and his impatience emanating from the high command’s failure to provide him a berth in the Union Cabinet.

Chiru’s insecurity also stems from the fact that he is no more counted as a political worthy in the state politics by the high command which only offered him the PCC chief post, that too reluctantly, as a possible replacement to Botcha. 

His enmity with Botcha has grown to such a level that Chiru made it a point not to see him in Delhi when he went to meet Sonia Gandhi. Rather, he also lodged a complaint to the high command against Botcha.

In no uncertain terms, Botcha also openly declared his enmity with Chiru by remarking “that several leaders have threatened to finish the Congress but they have merged their parties with it.” 

In a sense, Botcha meant to say that Chiranjeevi is now a zero in the congress hierarchy and his statement also is a subtle warning to him that he can’t be taken for granted by the latter.

Both of them, however, do not know that they are hastening the downfall of the Congress party lock, stock and barrel through their speeches.

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