AP Lags Behind Bihar in EODM

Chandrababu Naidu's claim that AP was moving far ahead in attracting investments for the establishment of  industries in private sector proved a big false.  Andhra Pradesh stood 15th position among all states in Ease of Doing Business ( EODB) rankings annocuned by World Bank. The fresh report disclosed that AP is lagging behind the most backward Bihar, Odissa, Chattisgarh and Jharkhand also. 

The report said that AP could get only 12.90 points whereas the neighbouring Telangana scored 59.95 points in the EODB. The report made it clear that the Chief minister boasted on his government's performance. Practically,  the TDP government showed poor performance in attracting investments also . 

Chandrababu has been taking up foreign trips but proved a futile exercise and waste of the public money.  The CM also conducted investment summits and announced flooding investments in the state. At ground level, not a single investor came forward to set up industries in ANdhra so far. 
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