Amaravathi Farmers' "Singapore Dreams" Shattered

Farmers who gave away their costly lands for the construction of new capital - Amaravathi in Andhra Pradesh have come to a conclusion that the promise made by Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu that the displaced will own Singapore style buildings was a shattered dream for them. 

The AP government had sent the displaced farmers to Singapore on a holiday trip.  They were provided all high tech facilities,  accommodation, Clad in  western attire and  enjoying Continental cuisine and the farmers  enjoyed the trip. They were also  treated as VIPs during their visit. 

The Chandrababu government also   shown the farmers the buildings constructed in Singapore and assured similar structures will come up in the proposed new capital. 

The AP government gave a big impression that farmers  can stop agricultural profession as the buildings coming up at the capital will create  business opportunities to the farming community. Chandrababu made promise that all farmers in the capital region will be promoted as entrepreneurs in Andhra. 

After returning Amaravathi from Singapore,  farmers realised Chandrababu government made false promises to them. Not a single building was constructed so far. Farmers knew the CM deceived them.  
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