YSRCP ridicules Naidu’s assets declaration

September 13: Questioning the veracity of the assets declared by TDP President
N Chandrababu Naidu, YSRCP spokesperson Jupudi Prabhakara Rao has said the data
is a bundle of lies and contradict the previous versions. 

Speaking to
media here on Thursday, he said,” Chandrababu Naidu has made a mockery of the
declaration of assets and the figures for this year seem to be concocted as
there is a decrease in value of assets owned by him and his family members.”

This apart, a
bird’s eye view of the statements right from the Tehalka exposure that he is
worth Rs 2,000 crores to his own declaration while he was Chief Minister in
1999 and the subsequent affidavits filed during the 2004 and 2009 elections do
not match and contradict each other. 

Last year, the
TDP leader has pegged his personal assets at over Rs 39 crores and in 2012 he
deflated it to Rs 31-odd crore. A similar pattern is followed while declaring
the assets of his wife N Bhuvaneswari and son N Lokesh. 

“The assets must
have been depreciating proportionately with TDP’s vote bank which fell from 48
per cent to 18 per cent, ‘he said adding that the exercise was only to give a
build-up to his ensuing Padayatra. 

Trying to
emulate YSR, he announced Padayatra but his priorities are well documented and
people are aware of his policies. While there is exodus from TDP with leaders
and cadre leaving the Party in droves,  Chandrababu Naidu has made
the declaration of assets as a ritual which lacks sincerity and proper
evaluation, he said. 

His own house is
not in order with infighting going on and the Party is distressed with dissent
as the cadre is not in a position to believe Naidu as he lost credibility and
reliability, he said adding that he quickly changes stand as he once called
Anna Hazare the crusader of corruption and later retracted his opinion.

Even a recent
survey on corporate funding to Political Parties has clearly mentioned that TDP
got the maximum funding from Corporate Houses in Andhra Pradesh. 

Declaration of
assets, which is far from truth, tantamount to misguiding the people and his
riches are well chronicled from the source to the camouflage, he said. 

Only corporate
houses declare the financial results which is mandatory and individuals file IT
returns but Naidu trying to project his virtues with the mismatched
declarations will further dip his image as people are aware that this exercise
is boost his sliding popularity ratings ahead of the Padayatra, he said.

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