YSRCP dharna on Sept. 26 against hike in RTC charges



YSRCP dharna on Sept. 26 against hike
in RTC charges


Hyderabad, September
24: YSR Congress Party will hold dharnas across the State on September 26
against the hike in RTC bus charges, surcharge on power bills and other
anti-people policies of the Government.


“We will hold dharnas
at all district headquarters and Collector offices demanding the roll-back of
hiked bus charges of the state-owned RTC,” Party spokesperson Janak Prasad told
reporters here on Monday.

By increasing the bus
charges, the State will nett Rs 400 crores initially. A second dose of hike is
in the offing which will complete the target of Rs 750 crores the Government
has originally planned for, he said adding that YSRCP will oppose all such
anti-people policies and fight for their cause.


“The State has many
options with it and has to crack the whip on private operators and increase its
profits instead of increasing the bus charges. Weekend variable charges are
also not in best interests of the public and it is switching to commercial
lines.  The common man
need not bear the brunt for the faulty policies of the Government and we will
be questioning this during our dharnas,” he said.


Burdening the common
man with an additional Rs 600 crores in the name of FSL (fuel surcharge
installment) is the other unwarranted decision taken by the State Government,
which has failed on many fronts and could not get adequate succor from the
Centre to fight the power shortage.


“Instead, it has
chosen the easiest path of passing on the burden to the consumer affecting all
sections of the society. We will fight this anomaly tooth and nail and our
leaders and cadre will hold dharnas at all district headquarters and Collector
offices, “Janak Prasad said.


“The padayatra of N
Chandrababu Naidu will lose its way as his past will haunt him. He has
undermined farmers, free power and behaved like a World Bank agent. During his
tenure, contrary to his claim the gas prices have gone up two-fold, and there
was no free power nor was there any subsidy on fertilizers. It was YSR who has
put the clock of development back to work,” he said.


When the Centre has
increased the price of LPG cylinder by Rs 55, YSR had subsidised the hike and
had seen to it that the consumer gets it for the original price of Rs 305.


His claims of being a
kingmaker at the Centre did not reflect in any developmental activity in the
State and the PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) he has signed form the basis of
the dire power crisis the State is facing, he said.    


Kiran Kumar Reddy and
Congress, following the footsteps of Chandrababu Naidu will meet the same fate
in the general elections and will be rejected outright. Our Party will get a
thumping mandate and YS Jagan Mohan Reddy will be the next Chief Minister,” he


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