YS Jagan -Apr3,2012

Describing the by-election to the 18 assembly seats as an opportune plank to express the distress and resentment of all sections of people over the State Government, YSR Congress Party on Tuesday said the people’s mandate should be loud in decibels and clear verdict and should be audible in high decibels to the Delhi bosses who are running the State by remote control.
“The by-elections should reflect the mood of the people across the State and the people’s ire against the policies of the ruling party and the numbness of the main opposition party. This should be a prelude to the 2014 elections, which can even be advanced,” YSRC president, YS Jagan said during the dharna at the sub-station here demanding roll back of hiked power charges.
Should the verdict be resolute, the assembly elections will be held earlier than 2014 as the state government lacks foresight and is under inefficient leadership, the party, which held dharnas at all mandal sub-stations, said.  
The State Government has increased the power tariff to net Rs 4,442 crores though Congress manifesto said that it will not increase the power prices for five years and YSR said that the free power will be increased to nine hours from seven hours, he said.
Giving a blow by blow account of how the 9-year TDP rule was being emulated by Congress government after the demise of YSR, Jagan said, “the golden era of YSR will return earlier than expected should the Delhi biggies be taught a lesson in the ensuing by elections to 18 seats,” he said.
Chandrababu Naidu has increased the power rates eight times during his nine year term and ordered firing at the agitators who protested against the hike. He issued GOs to jail farmers who turn defaulters and also set up a fast track court to expedite their trail, Jagan said.
During YSR term there were no hike in power charges, on the contrary the tariff was decreased for industries by 4 per cent. His governance has acquired AAA rating by CRISIL for the State Electricity Board.
The Congress government after the death of YSR simply skipped the manifesto details and YSR assurances and K Roshaiah, who took over the reins had increased power charges once in his one year term and his successor N Kiran Kumar Reddy has done it as a rude shock by increasing tariff to all sectors.
Going by the style of functioning, both Chandrababu Naidu and Kiran Kumar Reddy appear to be matching strides in adopting anti-people decisions, he said.  The TDP leader is known for his doublespeak and his stand takes a U-turn in tune with the position he holds. While in Government, he has the audacity to term farming as a useless profession and can undertake RytuProbata when in Opposition trying to project himself as a champion of farmers’ cause, YS Jagan said adding people lost faith in Chandrababu and Congress as well.
The situation is so precarious that people are now asking as to how many hours do we have the power supply instead of asking how many hours power cuts do we have. This pathetic situation could have been avoided had the State Government had little planning and foresight, he said.
At Pulivendula, the party Honourary President, YS Vijayamma led the demonstration at the sub-station. Speaking on the occasion, she said, the inefficiency of the State Government has come to the fore during the recent SakalajanulaSamme, as it failed to have a Plan B to tide over the power crisis.
“Neither power was purchased from neighbouring States, as done by YSR at the time of crisis, nor could it improve power position, hydel or thermal, which resulted in power cut from November itself,” she said adding that YSR had waived Rs 1,200 crores power dues  to over 28 lakh farmers.
Dues worth Rs 600 crores of panchayats were written off by YSR while the State government has taken a different stand resulting in no power to street lights even, she said.
YSRC members held dharnas across the State in all regions at mandal level sub-stations demanding roll back of power charges.

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