TDP conspired with Cong for RS seats

Press Release

Hyderabad, Feb 7, 2014:  The nexus of Congress and TDP had once again come to the fore with Chandrababu Naidu fielding two candidates for the Rajya Sabha though his party does not have the required numbers and he has exhibited acumen in floor coordination, ethical or otherwise, and the two parties have advanced the polls as they have no hope to getting to the upper house after the general elections.

“Naidu who has played foul along with Congress in getting a second candidate from his party elected to the Rajya Sabha hurling allegations against us is foolish and heinous. We have made out stand very clear that we will not take part in the Rajya Sabha elections and will not support candidature of any party,’ party MLA G Sreekanth Reddy told reporters here on Friday.

The Rajya Sabha polls were due in April but the Congress and TDP have come together and advanced it as they are scared of YSRCP which will give a run for their money and the two parties may not be in a position to win the Rajya Sabha seats.

The nexus and deal being with Congress and TDP, Chandrababu Naidu finding fault with YSRCP is meaningless. Naidu has been encouraging his MLAs to speak in accordance to their regional affiliations but when it comes to posts in Rajya Sabha he has lined up all the members to elect the party candidate.

“This shows that Congress and TDP are more interested in furthering their personal and party cause and do not give pittance of concern for people’s welfare. In the Lok Sabha, TDP floor leader Nama Nageswara Rao does not move the no- confidence motion and in Rajya Sabha and Assembly they have double standards but when it comes to elections to Rajya Sabha, they are all one. This shows where the priorities of the two parties lie.

YSRCP on the other hand has left no stone unturned and is making all efforts to keep the state united and our leader has been sincere in his effort and has been meeting leaders of all national parties. Chandrababu Naidu too is moving around but with no purpose", he said. 

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