Speaker: Jupudi-Feb6,2012

While TDP had tried to put decisions taken by individuals into cabinet mould, efforts  are on to project cabinet resolutions as individual decisions taken by YSR to malign his image and go on a witch hunt, YSR Congress Party said here on Monday.
“Chandrababu Naidu has taken a decision of allotting 850 acres land to IMG and a GO was also issued.   The decision was later ratified by the cabinet,” the party official spokesperson JupudiPrabhakar Rao told reporters here.
In the present scenario, he said, there are serious efforts to name YSR as the person who forced IAS officers to sign the GO, though the decisions were taken by the cabinet.
Describing IAS officers as the eyes and ears of Governance, he said, the beauty of bureaucracy lies in its neutrality. Most of the officers named by CBI served as officials in the TDP government as well.
Though Congress and TDP thoroughly know the business rules and how the Government and bureaucracy function, Chandrababu Naidu, with the help of a section of media, is trying to blame  YSR as a person who rubbed his decisions on cabinet and the IAS, he said.
“In the process, the investigation has lost its way and the present situation is that IAS-IPS-CBI-Ministers are at loggerheads. Somehow they wanted the arrested people to name YSR,” he said. Cabinet decision is a collective responsibility and most of the members of YSR cabinet are still with the cabinet.

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