Budjet Reaction -Feb17,2012

Expressing dissatisfaction over the 2012-13 budget, YSR Congress lamented that the Government has ignored two core issues mentioned in the 2009 election manifesto. 

“The 9-hour power supply to farmer and 30 kg rice schemes which were the main reasons for Congress coming back to power were ignored and the Government which has misplaced priorities in this budget,” party senior leader Konatala Ramakrishna said here on Friday. 

The nine hour power to farmers was not mentioned while the government said that an additional 500 MW would be produced. With power cuts in December and January itself, Government made it clear that power sector is not its priority.

There is also no mention of input subsidy or MSP to farmers.

The government has ignored faming, education, housing, health and welfare sectors though it boasted of bringing out a 1, 46,000-crore budget.  

The revenue growth is pegged at 20 to 24 per growth but the government has resorted to pre-budget increases in taxes. VAT went up by 4 to 5 per cent and the slab rate increased by 12 to 14 per cent. The additional revenue is a result of Rs 50,000 crore netted by VAT and an even amount coming from power hike from April and increase in house and water taxes, he said. 

Education sector was put on the backburner as Rs 3,000 crores was due as fee reimbursement; there was an allocation of Rs 4,000 crores in the budget. It is not the allocation but the actual amount spent that counts as the budget should be over Rs 9,000 crores as half of the amount goes for clearing dues, he said. 

The deficit of Rs 20,000 will be met with by not spending the allocated amounts to important sectors, he said. 
The amount earmarked for housing as well has been far less than what it was during YSR government. The GO issued by weavers to write off Rs 312 crores was not honoured and onyRs 150 crores was allocated. The Rajiv Aarogyasri has been put on the backburner and 108 turned sick.

The new schemes like Rajiv YuvaKiranalu has no takers and even the Prime Minister has to withdraw his visit to the State as there was nothing new or any progressive schemes were launched, he said.

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