Book Naidu for attack on Sakshi office

Press Release

Hyderabad, February 12: Taking strong objection to the attack on Sakshi office at Guntur, YSR Congress has said that the vandalism was provoked by TDP leader N Chandrababu Naidu and demanded stern action against him.

“The attack was the result of a pent up anger of the mob and the trigger was the provocative speeches for five days by Chandrababu Naidu who was on padayatra in Guntur district. Being an abettor of vandalism, action should be taken against him and a case sheet should be opened against the TDP leader,” party spokespersons Ambati Rambabu told reporters here on Tuesday.

The attack taking place while his padayatra was passing through the Sakshi office speaks of the intensity of the his provocative speeches and the freedom of press has been scuttled for narrow political gains, he said adding that Naidu not condemning the incident stands a testimony for his supportive argument to the vandalism.

We strongly condemn the incident and demand the government to take stern action against him for abetting organised vandalism, he said.

For a person with over 35-years in public life, such heinous acts only belittle his position as Chandrababu Naidu is playing street fight politics, he said.

For five days before the vandalism, Chandrababu Naidu went on spitting fire against Sakshi and was using very abusive language and the cadre, charged up by his speeches, resorted to the attack just while his padayatra was passing through the Sakshi office.

He was calling names and poking fun at the reports being published in Sakshi, which were very objective in reporting facts. It has reported that there was infighting in the district unit of TDP. Being the Chief Minister for nine years and the Leader of Opposition for an even period, he never condemned the incident as freedom of press is very selective for him, he said.

TDP made a hue and cry when there were attacks on another newspaper office, in the aftermath of the murder of Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga, though the vandalism was a spontaneous act with tempers running high. His silence in this case shows that he has been part of the destruction, Rambabu said.

When there was a case against a Chit Fund Company, which is owned by Ramoji Rao of Eenadu newspaper, TDP took up the issue at Delhi level and camouflaging it as an attack on freedom of press.

Backing Sharmila’s remarks challenging TDP leaders’ allegations, he said, “I see nothing wrong in them. It was the TDP leaders who changed the tone on the surgery issue. The surgery is no secret and well documented by the hospital.”

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