Who Will Pay The Principle, Babu?

  • Waiver could not even answer the interest
  • Farmers and DWCRA women question Babu
  • Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress receiving huge response
YSR District: Chandrababu Naidu had bluffed prior to elections that the loans taken by farmers and DWCRA women would be waived soon after TDP came to power. Now the amount paid by the Government could not even answer the interest built up on the loans. Farmers and DWCRA women are now questioning who will pay the principle. As part of Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme, villagers of Tanguturu of Nandaluru mandal, Nawabpeta of Mailavaram mandal and KS Agraharam of Chitweli mandal slammed the Government. 
MLA Korumutla Srinivasulu, party convener Kollam Brahmananda Reddy, district general secretary Panjam Sukumar Reddy, mandal convener Chevvu Srinivasulu Reddy and activists of YSRCP participated in the programme at KS Agraharam, going from home to home and distributing handouts.

ఇదే వార్తాంశం తెలుగులో: http://bit.ly/29AFhSj 

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