Chandrababu cheated Andhra Pradesh

Prakasam: Gadapa Gadapaku YSR Congress programme is going on successfully throughout the state. Varikuti Ashok Babu, the coordinator of Kondepi constituency of Prakasam district, toured in Cheruvu Kommu palem and Paruchuri palem of Ponnuru mandal as part of Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme and exposed Babu's deception to the villagers.

Speaking on the occasion, the YSRCP leader said that pensions were not being released to the qualified candidates and home loans also were not being sanctioned. All the deserving should be given pension irrespective of Janmabhoomi committees, he demanded the Government.

Chandrababu has cheated everyone by not keeping his promises, Ashok Babu said.
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