YSRCP seeks full fee reimbursement

Hyderabad,Aug 28,2012:Hundreds of students participated in a novel protest held by the city wing of the YSRCP on Monday demanding full reimbursement of the fees of professional colleges to the students belonging to the poor and backward students.

Taking objection to the Government's decision to impose a cap of Rs. 35,000 on fee reimbursement to the engineering and other professional students, the students went around begging  in Hyderabad.

The protestors demanded the government to reintroduce the full fee reimbursement scheme as implemented by the YSR. "The students want full reimbursement of the fees. The government's decison to put a ceiling on reimbursement has imposed additional burden on students. The students are not in a position to face the burden," said the students.

The protest was held under the leaderhip of YSRCP city unit president and Corporator A.Vijayakumar.

The students initially wanted to take up 'boot polish' programme but to due to objections from some communities, they went around begging bringing the issue to the notice of the public.

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