YSRCP urges Prez, PM to stop division of state

December 5: 2013: Reiterating that a united state will achieve development faster and
will be weakened if divided, YSR Congress has said the GoM is in confusion as
there is resistance from many quarters to the division of the State.

“Andhra Pradesh, which gave 33 MPs and played a key
role for UPA to retain the power for the second term, is being split by
Congress for political reasons against the federal spirit while our leader YS
Jagan Mohan Reddy has been knocking at the doors of all national and regional
parties to stall the process in the Parliament”, party leader T Sitaram told
reporters here on Thursday.

Congress leaders wanted to cut the state like a
cake on the birthday of Sonia Gandhi on December 9, but this would be the last
birthday for her while her Party is in power as public resentment is growing
and result is like writing on the wall.

“We urge the President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime
Minister Dr Manmohan Singh to act against this authoritarian and undemocratic
decision of axing the state into two without taking the consent of the State
assembly and respecting the majority opinion of the people.

The GoM appears to be a confused lot as it has been
changing its methodology of dividing the state from time to time. Still there
is no clarity on the basis on which the State is divided.

There is K Roshaiah Committee report which has
given in detail the consequences arising out of the division, there is Sri
Krishna Committee report which has given it version, but the GoM opted to
ignore the available reports and tread its own path harming the interests of
the people,” he said.

The decision to divide the State is undemocratic
and shows the authoritarian attitude of Congress against which our leader YS
Jagan Mohan Reddy is fighting and meeting leaders across the nation to raise
their voice against this injustice as the division will be setting a bad
precedent. It can recur in any State if it is not challenged today has been the
Party contention, he said.

Why is N Chandababu Naidu not protesting when the
question of splitting Rayalaseema has come to the fore and why are the union
ministers silent when such injustice is being done to the state, he asked.

The division is only to weaken the state and to
gain some seats, he said adding that a united state will keep the development
clock ticking and a divided state will turn it weak.


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