YSRCP Slams TDP On Land Pooling

Hyderabad, Oct 9: YSR Congress has slammed TDP for its land pooling policy which has been acquiring land against the set norms and has been forcibly taking away fertile land from farmers by force and not paying adequate compensation.
Speaking to reporters here on Sunday, party leader Bhumana Karunakar Reddy said: ‘ Chandrababu Naidu government has created a land bank of 10 lakh acres across the state by forcibly acquiring fertile land from farmers and not adhering to the Centre Act of Fair Compensation and has been pursuing with its real estate agenda. Land can be acquired only if 90 % of the villagers agree and adequate compensation is paid but the Chandrababu Naidu government has misused the official machinery to threaten the farmers who do not fall in line and took away the land. While this is the reality, the State has been claiming that farmers have volunteered to give away their land. The social responsibility assessment factor was never considered during land acquisition, he said adding that the land of dalits and adivasis was also taken away for force.
Land for the capital region, Bhogapuram Air port, Bandar sea port and Nellore air port were acquired in large extent, more than what was actually necessary and the real estate business has come to the fore as Visakhapatnam has enough infrastructure and vacant land to build the international airport while the State has opted for Bhogapuram. Not a new industry has come to the State and the land earmarked for the industries is lying vacant in many areas, he said.
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