YSRCP pooh-poohs TDP poll manifesto

Hyderabad, March 15, 2014:
Pooh-poohing the TDP manifesto for municipal polls, YSR Congress has said
Chandrababu Naidu has never kept his promise and is known for going back on the
elections promises.

“The 1994 manifesto of TDP
had three vital components of Rs 2 kg rice, subsidsed power to farmers and
prohibition which were done away with by Naidu after he took over the reins
from NTR. This time around his manifesto has no relevance and many of them
remained unfulfilled during his nine-year term,” party senior leader Konatala
Ramakrishna told reporters here on Friday.

Naidu who has killed the
spirit of local bodies by appointing special officials and humiliated elected
representatives by not giving them even cheque signing powers in panchayats,
mandals and Zilla Parishads has no moral right to speak on local bodies’

He is notorious for going
back on his promises. After imposing taxes in the name of subsidies and
prohibition announced by NTR, Naidu has increased the price of rice and reduced
the quantity and finally closed the scheme. Even prohibition was lifted after
imposing taxes to a tune of Rs 2,000 crores and he started cheap liquor shops
all over the state.

He has promised moon during
1999 elections said that the government would take care of the education of
girl child, deposit amount in the name of newly born girl child, announced sops
to artisans but did not fulfill any of the promises.

YSR has promised to provide
tap connections to all white card holders but the scheme was not continued by
the Congress government after his death.

The sanitation, safe
drinking water, basic amenities and hygiene which he is now promising were
there since long. People are not in a position to believe any of his words as
he always goes back on his promises. Some of the promises he made are
impracticable even. He has ruined the cooperative sector and sold many
factories running in cooperative sector to private business houses.

Credibility is something he
lacks and YSR Congress has. We are going to people with the promise that we
will bring back YSR golden era, but he has no such promise to make. He is not
in a position to say that his nine-year rule will repeat as it was full of
turmoil and troubles to the common man.

It will be YSR Congress all
the way in local bodies’ elections and the general elections as well, he said.

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