YSRCP never withdrew no- trust notice

Hyderabad, Jan 17, 2014:
Brushing aside the allegations that the Party has withdrawn the no-confidence
motion against the UPA government, YSR Congress has said that detractors have
been deliberately distorting facts to gain political mileage.

“At no point of time did we
withdraw the no-confidence motion against the UPA government. We have given
notice on seven of the eight working days of Parliament and when the Lok Pal
Bill was to be discussed, we told the Speaker to post our notice for the next
day but the House was adjourned sine die after passing the Bill,” party
senior leader Dr MV Mysoora Reddy told reporters here on Friday.

We have given the notice
only to show to the world that members of the Congress itself have no
confidence on their own Party. We wanted to high light that point and extended
support by giving the notice on all the days despite the busy schedule of our
Party President, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy who had been meeting leaders of all
regional and national parties to muster support for the cause of a united state
and explaining the need to amend article 3 which is being misused by the

The six Congress MPs and
TDP MPs were not sincere in their effort of get the no- confidence motion
admitted as they failed to gather the support of 50 MPs on any given day to
enable the Speaker to grant leave for the motion.

TDP and others alleging
that we have withdrawn the no-confidence motion is totally baseless and it is
the Congress MPs and their TDP counterparts who lacked sincerity as they only
wanted to show off by rushing to podium and resorting to slogan shouting
without any floor coordination and getting the required the number to get the
motion admitted.

“To make things very clear,
the no-confidence motion was moved by six dissident Congress MPs and we
supported it to make the world know that there is division of opinion within
the Party which highlights the point that the process of division of the State
has many

discrepancies.  But leaders of both the parties have behaved
in a contrasting manner in the House which has surprised many,” he said.

When YSR Congress
delegation led by YS Jagan Mohan Reddy had met leaders of various political
parties some said that they will support the no-confidence motion while others
said that this is not the opportune time.

“To put the record
straight, we did not withdraw the no-confidence motion. When the Lok Pal Bill
was to be discussed we asked the Chair to take it up the next day but the House
was adjourned. The no-trust motion was moved by dissident Congress members and
we supported it to expose the double standards of the Party,” he said.

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