YSRCP leaders tour in Krishna delta..!

Farmers are cribbing looking at the dried crops.

YSRCP demands for instant contribution of government!


Guntur: The YSRCP leaders examined the dry crop lands in Krishna delta. The leaders bruised in anger on the government for not caring about the farmers who are left with dried crops. They stated that Naidu has betrayed the farmers who believed the words of integrating the rivers and getting water to Krishna delta. Farmers are in huge loss of paying lease of 20 – 25 thousand per acre and additional 15 thousand investment on acre of land.


The leaders expressed their grief on looking at the situation of farmers who are forced to commit suicides by looking at their dry farm lands. The YSRCP leaders consoled the farmers that by putting pressure on the government they would try their level best to support them with the required water. However, requested them not to commit suicides. They demanded that government should give compensation for the farmers who lost their crop and supply water for the crops which are slightly damaged. Among the leaders were,  Umma reddy, Ambati Rambabu, Meruga Nagarjuna,  Marri Rajasekhar,  Lella Appireddy, Nagi Reddy and other leaders visited the areas of crops and dried.


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