YSRCP gives assurance to the families of Fishermen:

East Godavari: Without even knowing if their beloved is alive or
not is the situation faced by the family members of the fisherman who went for
fishing and found missing. But, the YSRCP assured the families that the party
is going to take care of them. The District Party President, Jyothula Nehru,
MLC Pilli Subhash Chandrabose, Tuni MLA Dadi Setty Raja, Pithapuram Ex MLA
Pendam Dora babu and so on visited the families of fishermen in Tuni and
Pithapuram Consitutency, East Godvari and consoled them. They blasted that the
Government failed in finding the missed fishermen. They asked the families to
believe that the YSRCP. We will put pressure on the Government and definitely
get the missed fisherman back by implementing serious search said the MLAs and
other Leaders.

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