YSRCP Demands White Paper On Foreign Trips And Investments

Hyderabad: YSR Congress has demanded a white paper on the foreign
tours of Chandrababu Naidu detailing the amount of investments that had flown
in and the projects that had been grounded so far as the State Government
happens to be staking tall claims on the issue.

Speaking to reporters here on Tuesday party MLA G
Srikanth Reddy said: ‘Chief Minister who has been touring numerous countries
including those of the former Soviet Union started claiming that investments
are being flooding into the state.

We demand the State government to publish a white paper on
the number of countries Chandrababu Naidu has visited after assuming office two
years ago, the claims made on the investment flow into the state and the actual
number of industries that have started working.

‘These details will call the bluff of Chief Minister who has
been using his tours for photo opportunities and the tall talk on investments
even from countries which are otherwise looking for investments in their
respective countries,’ he said.

He has toured Russia and said that the state has a land bank
of 15 lakh acres and at other places said that we have a 972 km coastline and
the state is open for building ports. The partnership summit at Vizag has
signed numerous MoUs but not even 1 % of the projects were grounded.

A study sponsored by the Centre has termed AP as the most
corrupt state and the Chief Minister telling that all nuclear power plants are
being shifted from Gujarat to Srikakulam is ridiculous, he said. ‘We demand
that the state government publish a white paper on the foreign tours, the
investments that have come in and the real time industries,’ he said.

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