YS Vijayamma's emotional appeal

Referring to the Congress party,  YSRCP honorary president YS Vijayamma questioned what it gave to Dr YSR who had served it for four and half decades and his family members. It made him an accused and foisted a number of false cases and unleashed CBI, Income Tax and ED,  displaying the most vindictive political treatment meted out to a leader anywhere in the country. She pointed out that inspite of all this, YS Jagan remained unfazed and committed to serve the people of the state.
YS Vijayamma appealed to the media to portray the truth and not to put out fabricated stories with a jaundiced view point.
The honorary YSRCP president pointed out to the fact that all kinds of allegations were being made about the incident and pointed out how YS Jagan remained composed after the incident and to ensure  that people of the state remained calm and did not react emotionally. After undergoing some first aid treatment at the airport, he changed his shirt and came to Hyderabad for further treatment. Meanwhile, he informed the people of the state that he was fine and that their blessings had protected him.
Lastly,  she appealed to the conspirators behind this murderous attack not to indulge in such attempts further. In a voice choked with emotion, she said that she had already lost her husband Dr YSR under tragic circumstances. YS Vijayamma was flanked by YSRCP Rajya Sabha MP Vijayasai Reddy and senior party leaders Dharmana Prasad Rao and Vasireddy Padma.
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