YS Jagan Writes To The DGP of AP

Vijayawada: The leader of opposition in AP and YSRCP president, YS Jagan, wrote to the DGP of AP, Sambasiva Rao, on Tuesday, appealing for taking legal measures to make sure the MPP elections were held smoothly and impartially at Kanaganapalle of Ananthapuram district. The party's official spokesman, P.Goutham Reddy, handed over the letter to Law & Order IG Gupta at DGP office.

YSRCP leaders met the state's Elections Commissioner on Wednesday regarding the matter of Kanaganapalle's MPP elections and appealed for seeing that the elections were held impartially.

They especially mentioned that minister Paritala Sunitha was trying to perform misdeeds in the background of the elections. Leaders Parthadsarathy, Topudurthi Kavitha and Kannababu complained that they had nominated a candidate despite not having enough power.
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