YS Jagan Wishes People for Holi

YSRCP president and leader of opposition YS
Jagan has conveyed his wishes to all the Telugu people on account of Holi
festival. Today being Holi, the festival of colours, YS Jagan shared his
message on Twitter and suggested everybody to celebrate it with environment-friendly, non-toxic and organic
colours. Holi is celebrated as a symbol of the defeat of evil, as this was the
day when mythological demon Holika was killed by fire when she tried to kill
Prahlad, the son of yet another demon, brother of Holika and father of Prahlad,
Hiranyakashipu. People celebrate it by applying beautiful colours to one
another. But toxic colours are coming into the market, being used by people,
ultimately reaching the ground water table, polluting it. In light of this, YS Jagan
has considered it important that everybody contributed their part for preserving
the environment. So he lay stress on it in his tweet.

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