YS Jagan slams AP Govt over cash for note scam

Leader of Opposition merely stabbed the ruling government
Maturity of putting aside the criticism
Shocked ruling party

Hyderabad: The assembly sessions are concluded. The ruling party fell back intending to make the opposition to suffer. Finally could take breathe with the force and support of people.

Straight forward speech at a stretch
The Leader of Opposition, YS Jagan  attended the assembly with good ground work and said the same thing. He could easily prove that Babu belongs to old generation. As promised, he prepared well on full-scale and questioned the ruling party government. He added references wherever possible and addressed the issues. The ruling party could not answer but could only stare.

Used badmouth
Unable to answer the questions raised by the Leader of the Opposition the heads started using bad mouth as usual. Their only task was to abuse the Opposition leader YS Jagan. Though Jagan answered the criticism previously, but now he changed his trend. He briefly answered the Ministers in short and continued his speech. Without any diversion Jagan carried his speech on the right subject. There was no option for the Ministers but to hold their heads.

Unprepared ruling party
All the tactics of the ruling party on the last day have failed.  When we talk about Naidu crime, how can it be justified stating that it is under court?  The opposition leader YS Jagan asked. In such case, is it not related to court while TDP members talk repeatedly about those cases which are related to them, questioned Jagan. It also happened that few questions were raised even referring to the late great leader YS Raja Sekhar Reddy. How is this justified? Questioned Jagan. The Assembly was postponed twice because of the mess created by the ruling party and finally it was postponed indefinitely. Over all they tried to escape the session.
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