YS Jagan By The Side Of Farmers

  • Tour in flood-prone areas
  • Examination of flood-drowned crops
Guntur: The leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan is touring in flood areas of Guntur district for the second day today.  Examining the crops damaged by heavy rains and consoling the people who lost their shelter, he is assuring his support to them. YS Jagan reached Anupalem earlier today and examined the crops drowned in flood water. He also visited and examined Kondamodu canal and spoke to the farmers to know the problems they are facing.
With Chandrababu not waiving their loans, farmers are left with tears due to their mounted debts and their interests. Due to heavy rains, the produce got immersed in flood water, giving an irreversible blow to the farmers. In light of this, YS Jagan is touring in flood areas to assure them of his support and fill courage in them. Farmers complained to the people's leader that neither officials nor rulers had come to visit them. He assured to stay with them till justice was done to them.
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