YS Jagan Pays Tribute To YS Raja Reddy

YSR District
The leader of opposition in AP and YSRCP president YS Jagan is
on an extensive tour in Pulivendula. He was warmly welcome by the party’s
leaders, followers and people. As part of his tour, YS Jagan paid tribute to
his paternal grandfather YS Rajareddy on account of his annual ceremony at
Rajareddy ghat on Degree College road. He decorated Raja Reddy’s statue at Raja
Reddy park and paid homage. YS Jagan was joined by his paternal uncle YS
Vivenakananda Reddy in this event.

Later, YS Jagan
participated in the special prayers offered at YSR auditorium. YS Jagan will be
on the tour in Pulivendula today and tomorrow.

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