YS Jagan open challenge to Chandrababu in AP Assembly

A vote-five crores

Hyderabad: The TDP conspiracies are once again broken in the Assembly. It could not answer the straightly asked question by the Leader of Opposition, YS Jagan.  If the allegations were proved, I am going to resign, or else would Chandrababu Naidu resign, questioned YS Jagan.

No answer for the questions rose..!
The ruling Telugu Desam Party tried so seriously to side track the issue of Cash for Vote scam. In this discussion, the Minister Achem Naidu, spoke insultingly, once again in the Assembly. Reacting to this, YS Jagan raised few straightforward questions and received no response. Jagan also challenged in the Assembly, that if they could prove that, KCR spoke to him last night, he will submit his resignation, if not, will Babu resign? questioned Jagan. There was no response to this. Jagan questioned that, was it not true that, Naidu has previously contested the election in alliance with the KCR? Why are you hiding about that friendship asked Jagan.

Our people briefed me..!
YS Jagan reminded that Naidu was caught red handed in cash for vote scam. These things were revealed openly during the experiments done by Forensic Laboratory. Jagan questioned, that it was Babu who arranged money to Revanth Reddy.. Yes or NO? He also questioned about the voice in the audio tapes- is it Babu’s voice or not? It did not result in getting answers.

Lot of excuses
When we talk about Naidu crime, how can it be justified stating that it is under court?  The opposition leader YS Jagan asked. In such case, is it not related to court while TDP members talk repeatedly about those cases which are related to them, questioned Jagan. It also happened that few questions were raised even referring to the late great leader YS Rajasekhar Reddy. How is this justified? Questioned Jagan.
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