YS Jagan influenced ruling party behaviour..!

Hyderabad: One thing was clarified in the State Assembly. The Chief Minister and his cadre were tensed of facing Opposition Leader Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy. When Y.S.Jagan was not in the Assembly Chandrababu spoke louder and when Jagan attended the House he reduced his voice.

Governments Influenced Behavior, All Five Days..!
In the Assembly, questioning on the people’s issues was opposition’s role and escaping from answering was ruling party’s role. Not even one answer was given on any issue. When Jagan asked, whether they were favorable or unfavorable to ‘Special Status’,  the Ruling Party did not answer at all. When he asked, ‘Can you say that Pattiseema was not full of litigations?, there was no answer. The Ruling Party escaped by adjourning the House, when asked to answer ‘whether they were involved in Cash for Vote’.

Brave when Jagan was not present
When Jagan was not in the House the Chief Minister tried to hurry the things, like asking the opposition what is their stance on ‘Pattiseema’. When YSRCP leaders tried to explain that when the Opposition Leader was not in the House, telling their stance on the matter was not protocol, Chandrababu repeatedly stressed on the matter. He behaved aggressively by violating the rules & protocols of the House.

Government retreated with Jagans presence
The Chief Minister Chandrababu who stressed the Opposition repeatedly to tell their stance on Pattiseema, did not raise his voice the next day when was in the house. On the fifth day when the opposition expressed loudly their stance on Cash for Vote, the CM was not able to come into the House, he was hiding in the Chamber. The CM did not dare to face Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy.
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