YS Jagan condemns the Government

Hyderabad: YSRCP president and leader of opposition YS Jagan slammed the Government for its failure in providing employment to the unemployed. He expressed his objection to minister Achennayudu’s careless response to the questions put by members of YSRCP.

YS Jagan reminded that the TDP had gone from house to house before elections distributing pamphlets of manifesto signed by Chandrababu Naidu that promised a job for every household or Rs.2000 stipend for the unemployed. He stated that jobs had been promised irrespective of educational qualification. Now 1 crore 75 lakh households were awaiting employment or stipend, explained YS Jagan.

Now the Government had conducted DSC but had not released the merit list since 18 months now. So the candidates were left in confusion. The Government itself had calculated at the time of bifurcation that there were 1,42,828 vacancies in the state. But now there was no recruitment calendar and no clue when DSC vacancies would be filled. In addition to not giving jobs, the Government had been minimizing the number of schools and colleges using cluster system, mentioned YS Jagan. Thus the calculation included 7000 extra jobs. He also stated that the ruling party had talked about reorganizing outsourcing and contract jobs but now went on to remove them. He added that 2 lakhs of employees were working with insecure feeling.

 YS Jagan complained that Arogyamitra and Gopalamitra employees had lost their support due to the Government’s deeds. He criticized not increasing the salaries of VRA and ASHA workers and getting them arrested for asking for a raise in their salaries. Adarsha farmers had been fired. YSRCP members, led by party president YS Jagan, walked out protesting against the merciless acts of the Government and deception towards 75 lakh households by neglecting to fulfill the promises of jobs and unemployment stipend.

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