YS Jagan challenges Babu

  • Are you ready for inquiry on land pooling scam, Babu?
  • Land acquisition is a worse crime than insider trading
  • How did Chandrababu who owned 2 acres earn lakhs of rupees?
  • Assembly: YSRCP president and leader of opposition YS Jagan commented that CM Chandrababu had committed a bigger crime than just insider trading in the capital city. He accused Chandrababu regarding the large scale purchase of lands in the capital. He questioned the Government if it was ready for an inquiry into this. YS Jagan spoke in the assembly during the discussion regarding land mafia committed by the Government in Amaravathi.

     He mentioned that Chandrababu had leaked to his binamis the information regarding the location of the new capital, thus allowing them to buy the lands in that area for cheaper prices. YS Jagan ridiculed Chandrababu for talking about the cases he had faced. He confided that Chandrababu worked closely with Congress party to charge him with legal cases. He reminded how he never faced a claim when in Congress party.

     When Chandrababu’s property was 2 acres at the time he had entered politics in 1978, how could he manage to afford to buy properties of worth lakhs of crores of rupees now, questioned YS Jagan. He asked Chandrababu if he was ready to face a CBI inquiry on his properties. He commented that Chandrababu had the credit of getting a stay on the inquiry over his properties.

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