Women's Safety At Stake In The State

  • Woman ministers are only interested in heavy jewellery
  • Minister Ravela should be suspended immediately
  • Babu is acting like a chameleon in the matter of demonetisation
  • YSRCP woman's wing president RK Roja
Visakhapatnam: Expressing concern about the poor status of safety of women in the state, YSRCP MLA and president of the party's woman's wing, RK Roja, slammed the ruling TDP leaders. Speaking to the media from Visakhapatnam on Saturday, she exclaimed that TDP was gaming with the lives of women. In light of Guntur ZP chairperson Janimun's expression of agony in front of the media and complaining about having threat to her life from minister Ravela Kishore Babu, Roja stated that the Government was being indifferent to a woman leader of its own political party.

Criticising the silence of the woman TDP leaders when mayor had died in Chittoor and when Ramalakshmi had been harassed, she remarked that the same silence was being maintained when Janimum had been threatened. Mentioning the suicides of medicos and other girl students due to pressure from the management of Narayana college, she commented that the Government had failed in providing security to the womanfolk of the state.

Demanding response from TDP woman leaders and suspension of TDP minister Ravela Kishore Babu, she slammed TDP Government for not implementing any welfare schemes beneficial for women in the state.

Durinh her speech to the media, RK Roja also commented that the Government was being indifferent to the hardship being faced by the general public due to demonetisation. Comparing Chandrababu's behaviour to a chameleon's, she called it shameful for TDP to boast about getting 175 seats. She ridiculed that demonic rule was going on in the state in the form of TDP.

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