Withdraw hike of RTC charges: YSRCP

Hyderabad, September 25: Ahead of the State-wide dharnas against the hike in RTC bus charges, YSR Congress Party has demanded the roll back of the increased fares immediately and criticised the Government for taking anti-people policies on a daily basis. 

“We demand the State to roll back the hike in RTC bus charges which will further burden the common man who has been a victim of spiralling costs of essential commodities and badly affecting the living standards,’ Party spokesperson, Vasireddy Padma told reporters here on Tuesday.

Though the burden on RTC through the hike in diesel prices has been only Rs 350 crores, the State Government has shown its true colours by increasing the charges to mop up Rs 900 crores. This reflects the indifferent attitude of the State towards people’s welfare, she said. 

“We appeal to all sections of the society to cooperate in making the September 26 dharna a success to highlight the failure of State Government which has waited for the assembly to be adjourned to impose surcharge on power bills and hike the bus charges,” she said. 

The Government was in a hurry and the decisions were taken in dead of the night and such nocturnal activity is unwarranted as there are many alternative methods in which the hike could have been averted, she said. 

These decisions go against the 2009 poll promise of YSR that there will be no taxes for the next five years, she said adding that the State has been taking anti-people decisions on a day-to-day basis showing scant respect to people’s sentiments and opposition parties protests.  

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