Will You Send Your MPs In Our Support?

Hyderabad: Official spokesman of YSRCP, Ambati Rambabu criticised that the CM of AP had become a tourist CM. He spoke to the media at the party's central office. He complained that Chandrababu was not questioning the central Government regarding special status due to his fear for facing CCBI inquiry on Not for Vote case. He added that the same reason was behind Chandrababu's not confronting the Government of Telangana regarding the projects.

Ambati called for everybody's participation and support in the dharna to be staged on Tuesday by YSRCP for attaining special status. He explained that YSRCP would fight in Delhi again for the special status. He posed a staright question to Chandrababu if he would send TDP MLAs in support of YSRCP for the fight. Ambati opined that the central Government did not care about Chandrababu anymore and that Chandrababu lacked the courage to fight against the centre either. He remarked that Chandrababu's statements proved his incapability. He criticised that there was no relevance between the CM's words and deeds. Ambati stated that the book on Chandrababu's corruption titled 'Chandrababu-Emperor of Corruption' had already been distributed and that CBI inquiry would soon begin on him.

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