Why you need Hide and seek in the case of Rishiteswari committing suicide

Hyderabad: The way the situation and incident of Rishiteswari committing
suicide in Acharya Nagarjuna University is completely wrong said the YSRCP. The
main reason and culprit behind the scene is to be considered as the
Architecture College Principal Baburao, demanded that right action should be
taken. The YSRCP Women wing President, Roja spoke to the Media and said that
the Chief Minister is not even bothered to give appointment for  the
parents of Rishiteswari.  When the students went to the University Campus,
they were stopped by the Lathi Charge stated Roja. She said the Pincipal Babu
Rao is a womanizer and he is dancing now fumed Roja with anger. She said that
as the principal was not having concern and didn't even considered the Complaints
given by Rishiteswari or her family members, said Roja in grief. All this
episode is lead to the suicide of Rishiteswari. Despite this, the TDP
Government acts as if there is no Principal like Babu rao.

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